We do have a winery tour list. Although not as extensive as our breweries, we can set up a winery tour for you. Just send us a message.

We also have a number of a cideries we work with. 

There are a number of them and we are still adding breweries that we are working with everyday. Here is a general list.
Information – BrewBus Breweries

Yes, any at all. Just contact us. The dates and places in the calendar are mere suggestions. Monday – Thursday breweries tours may be given a 10% discount for the rental of the whole bus. 

Please contact us with what date you would like and we will work with you. 

We try to maximize our day and business. We love doing two tours a day. Tour #1 would start with a pickup to where we can make it to the first brewery by about 11am. 

The second tour generally will start about 4pm. Give or take a bit.

Of course! Just let us know what you are thinking. We will also try to incorporate a brewery visit for you if we can. Baseball games, wedding shuttles, comedy clubs, ski outings, family day. Whatever it is, just ask.

14 passengers max. 
If needed, we will work on sourcing a larger vehicle for those larger groups. Additional charges may apply. 

We will arrange pick-ups in Fredericksburg, Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George. As well as parts of Fauquier, Culpeper, Orange, Prince William. Some locations may require a bit of an additional charge based off of distance. 

Our pickup areas will generally be at local transit area or at a residence. If your group is renting the entire bus, we will meet at an agreed upon location. 

Paypal, Square or through our upcoming credit system. 
Square & PayPal with major credit cards will also be charged a 3.5% fee to cover the charge.
Gratuities are not included in pricing. 

Each brewery that has food or a food truck will have their meus available. Please order food as soon as possible so we can stay on time. 

Yes, they are, please inquire and we will get you a figure.

Hell yaaaa! Tips are not included in the price but are of course greatly appreciated (but not required). You may do this in advance or day of. We can accept cash or do it via credit card.

Absolutely! A brewery tour makes a great gift. Contact us to buy a brewery tour for someone else and we will work with them to get them on a tour that works best for them.

Fun, games, and music! We also will cater the trivia game to your trip. Also, karaoke has been known to break out from time to time. 

Yes! And we would love for you to buy some. Cash, e-transfer and credit cards are available for this. Also available to order online.

YES! We encourage you to buy beers to bring back home to enjoy. Same with merch. Some breweries are also offering our riders a discount on merch. We will let you know the deal as we arrive at the breweries.

Your tokens will be redeemable for a pint and some flights (again, brewery dependent on the flight and you will know before you go in). Most breweries are giving samples but not all. I have built a matrix of who does and who doesn’t and will inform everyone when we get to each brewery.


Most breweries are requesting a minimum of 1 weeks’ notice so they can staff appropriately. Still, if you are under a week, please contact us and we will see what we can build for a fun day out.

You can cancel up to 10 days  prior to receive a full refund (minus credit card fees). Anything after that is non-refundable but we will work with you to reschedule a brewery tour for you. If you fully cancel a second tour, no refund, or rescheduling will occur. This DOES NOT apply to a weather cancellation deemed cancelled by Brew Bus Virginia.

What happens if the weather is bad?
If it is decided by Brew Bus Virginia that the weather is unsafe for travel and to enjoy the day, we will work with you to reschedule your trip promptly. Weather is not our fault nor is it yours.


Vomit bags are available on the bus. However, if there is a major clean necessary, a $250 fee will apply.

Here’s the ugly truth. We will attempt to find you, and/or call you to get you back to the bus. You will have a 15-minute grace period from the agreed upon time. If you do not make it back in time, it is not fair to everyone else. You will be on your own to get to the next brewery, location, or end of trip. You are responsible for it yourself and we do not give any refunds or reimbursements. Please be respectful of everyone’s time.